Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Pointless Blog.

Okay... I do not really know what I am doing right now but I just want to post something. Like to express something that is happening in my situation.

Apparently, I am obsessed with British boys right now. I don't know why but I am! Their accents are like, approaching me to heaven. Their smiles kills me. [Though they don't have the perfect teeth] . As if, they are just perf perf perfect!

Mainly, I have been crazy about Superman again. Actually, I started this blog in the name of "SuperBatman" with no apparent reason. I just "dedicate" it to him. Though he is kinda rude to me sometimes, I feel like it's a start of a new beginning. Like how it all started.

This book I love. Seriously love. "Fallen In Love by Lauren Kate" I only have this one. It really irritates me when I only have one book of a series and it's like the 3rd book and I don't know the start. But then, I read the plot online and know what is really happening. It's going to be a movie soon and I'm so excited.

Freddie Highmore. How can I describe his beauty? His perfect. Not like those young actors between 20-25 that looked old. He looks like he's still 17 even though he's already 21. I ship him with Emma Roberts. I don't like Sarah Bolge"? I don't know her surname and I don't have the mood to look for it. Whatever. So I feel like he's God. That he is a fallen angel came from the skies. Like that kind of person that will be honest and loyal. I heard he's gonna be engaged. I can't handle that. NOOOOO. He can't be married. He's too young! and I'm gonna wait for 4 years and I will pray for that chance to date him.. [screams] [laughs]

So yeah; that is what's been happening in my life so far and PSLE is just around the corner. Happy [sadly] Birthday for me in a few days.


Thursday, 29 August 2013


Why must it when I already found my happy, someone or some people are trying to ruin it? Did I do something wrong that must I repay it? I feel sad and guilty that I don't know what is happening in my life right now.

It all started with a bunch of friends, then it became more and more. I started noticing and I left with no regret. But now I don't know if I regret it.

One day, I found this group of people in my class. I started hanging out with them little by little. I didn't know that eventually, they will become very special to me. I didn't know that they are the ones that can make me happy like I never did before. I never laughed the way I did with them before. I felt really special. In a way that people want.

I finally found those people that I deserve.

That day that we fought. I did not know what happened completely. I felt that I should so something but I'm scared that I will be the reason if we break up in the end. I just cant. I felt like my life is going to sink six feet underground. I'm gonna be left with nothing. I cried. I cried no rainbows or happiness. I cried with sadness. I was scared.

I wish we could all fix this situation that no one will leave. I wish that we all stay forever. No matter what, thunder, lightning, storm or disaster. I wish we all are together till the end. Even if we already finished college... secondary.. even if we went to the different parts of the Earth. I promise you all that I will NEVER forget you all. 

Monday, 22 July 2013

Zoo and Haggard

Okay! So today was so sooooo tiring. There was alot of fun when we all went to the seal show. Everyone got drenched and I soaked! Some of my friends even have wet soaking hairs. [OMG] It was really painful to walk at the end bits of the trail but it was fun though. When we all went back to school, inside the bus, everyone was taking a nap. 80% of the class were. Including me. I think I started with the sleeping part. Idk. It was so funny. Petrina talked while she sleeps and Trisha looked very "peaceful" and I........ well....... I looked tortured. [LOL]

HoneyDew's phone got confiscated today!!!! HAHAHAHAHA *cough*
She also wants to be near the Bella's group.

andddd.... Anusha injured her knee.

Song listening while blogging : The Fear by Lily Allen <3

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Talia and Loathing

I friggin wanna kill someone so bad and it really pisses me off when I want to kill them.

OMG. Like I don't really hate her or what so ever but if she get hit by a bus, I'll be driving that bus.
Like can she just realize that no one likes her. No offense. Sorry but not sorry. I really do hate her. Like she don't know how people do thing for her. I just can't. OMG. No words.

Btw. Talia Died today at 11:22 USA time. I really feel so sad. Like there is really something fishy about the world right now. 

Monday, 15 July 2013

Week Of Disasters

Dear Life,

Why are you so hard to me? Why is there no justice in this world? Why is there people needed to die?
In straight rows, I hear my idols, my inspiration giving up.

Cory Moneith :

He's the reason why I'm watching Glee since the first. He's the alumni. He's the original. I feel really sad for Lea. She expects to get married in 2 weeks. I could not visualize Lea with another guy. They are like the perfect two ! RIP Cory Moneith. Stay Strong Lea.

Talia Joy :

I know there are alot of Cancer patients out there but Talia is just beneathe special. She is so jolly that people could not thought that she has Cancer. She's like the best beauty guru ever and she has nice friends. People kept telling that she only has 2 weeks to live. She needs prayers. All of the patients of Cancer. #PrayForTalia

There's a lot more but I don't want to
 say them one by one because it will just
break my heart apart. ♡ 

Cielo ♡ 

Saturday, 13 July 2013

The best day ever! Part 2?

 Ok. Today was so extraordinary! I met Celine at the bus tonight! It's 13th July 2013 at 9:15pm. As you can see... Celine is my Pixiehollow best friend. She's also my YouTube idol. She inspired yme to do videos.

I saw her mum first. I was going home. The bus stopped at Tanah Merah Station when I saw a woman that looked familiar to me. I gasp in shocked! I quickly covered my mouth. I saw Celine's sister, Monika. I knew that Celine should be with them! I saw Celine going into the rear of the bus and I shouted, "Celine!" She looked at me and I waved in excitement! I was dumbstruck! I could not believe it! The first time I saw her! This is officially the best day ever! ♡ 

Thursday, 18 April 2013



(LETS MAKE CODE NAMES) :: Apple and Grape

At the bubble tea shop.....

Ynez: OMG! Grape's WhatsApp status is "Taken :) *_* <3 <3<3 ".

Me: I know right!

Reyla: Here , I show you. *Opens phone and went to WhatsApp*


*Grape is coming to the bubble tea shop with her friends*

Rodelyn: Taken alert.... Shes here. Look to your left.

ALL: Oooohhhh......

Reyla: *cough cough*

Me: Where? Where? I CANNOOT SEEEE!!

Rodelyn: Stop it [lah] At the left, its too obvious. Dont look.

Me: *saw Grape coming*

*Grape passed by*

Grape:: *sarcastic* Do I know all of you??

ALL:: *follows her*

Ynez:: Tell me the truth! You like "Apple" right? The status is about her right?

Grape: *Smiling/Blushing*



ALL: *everyone fangirled*

ALL: *rans away like doing harlem shake*

*Grape followed us*
*We all called Apple*
*Apple answers the phone*

Reyla:: Hello??!! OMG GUESS WHAT?!

Apple:: What?

Reyla:: Grape loves you!

*All chased Grape*

Me: You tell Apple "I love you:" now or you will strip in front of the uncle there.

Grape:: *kept quiet and smiled*

ALL :: [Aiya]! Apple is waiting on the phone you know...

Grape *after moments* .................... I love you.


Me:: *running and jumping to the shop*  *acts like an complete idiotic, phychotic, retarded, shouting out of the lungs biatch*

ALL:: You heard that, Apple??

Apple: Yeah.. I guess..

Me: Grape, say that again one more time and make sure its very loud. Or else, you will strip 3 times there!

Grape::  I LOVE YOU!


*all went back to the tea shop table*

Reyla:: *talks to the phone* This is your chance, Apple, you know... Say "I love you" back now..

Apple:: No...I dont want, uhh..

ALL:: Just for once Apple, you were waiting for this moment you come you know...

*Ynez talked to Grape*

Ynez:: Who's your old girlfriend [ah]? The one that does not go to our school..

Grape:: Phedra.

Ynez:: Yeah.. That one! Ok, so if you could pick either one of them, who would you choose? Phedra or Nadine?

Grape:: If I could pick one of them.. I would rather choose Apple.

Reyla:: OMG OMG OMG, Apple, did you hear that?

Apple:: Kinda.. You were all shouting.

Reyla:: Just say "I love you[lah] [can or not?]

Apple: I love you, okay?!

Grape:: *blushing*

ALL::: Bye Apple!!!

*hangs up the phone*

Theeee Ennnddd <3 <3