Monday, 15 July 2013

Week Of Disasters

Dear Life,

Why are you so hard to me? Why is there no justice in this world? Why is there people needed to die?
In straight rows, I hear my idols, my inspiration giving up.

Cory Moneith :

He's the reason why I'm watching Glee since the first. He's the alumni. He's the original. I feel really sad for Lea. She expects to get married in 2 weeks. I could not visualize Lea with another guy. They are like the perfect two ! RIP Cory Moneith. Stay Strong Lea.

Talia Joy :

I know there are alot of Cancer patients out there but Talia is just beneathe special. She is so jolly that people could not thought that she has Cancer. She's like the best beauty guru ever and she has nice friends. People kept telling that she only has 2 weeks to live. She needs prayers. All of the patients of Cancer. #PrayForTalia

There's a lot more but I don't want to
 say them one by one because it will just
break my heart apart. ♡ 

Cielo ♡ 

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