Monday, 22 July 2013

Zoo and Haggard

Okay! So today was so sooooo tiring. There was alot of fun when we all went to the seal show. Everyone got drenched and I soaked! Some of my friends even have wet soaking hairs. [OMG] It was really painful to walk at the end bits of the trail but it was fun though. When we all went back to school, inside the bus, everyone was taking a nap. 80% of the class were. Including me. I think I started with the sleeping part. Idk. It was so funny. Petrina talked while she sleeps and Trisha looked very "peaceful" and I........ well....... I looked tortured. [LOL]

HoneyDew's phone got confiscated today!!!! HAHAHAHAHA *cough*
She also wants to be near the Bella's group.

andddd.... Anusha injured her knee.

Song listening while blogging : The Fear by Lily Allen <3

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