Thursday, 29 August 2013


Why must it when I already found my happy, someone or some people are trying to ruin it? Did I do something wrong that must I repay it? I feel sad and guilty that I don't know what is happening in my life right now.

It all started with a bunch of friends, then it became more and more. I started noticing and I left with no regret. But now I don't know if I regret it.

One day, I found this group of people in my class. I started hanging out with them little by little. I didn't know that eventually, they will become very special to me. I didn't know that they are the ones that can make me happy like I never did before. I never laughed the way I did with them before. I felt really special. In a way that people want.

I finally found those people that I deserve.

That day that we fought. I did not know what happened completely. I felt that I should so something but I'm scared that I will be the reason if we break up in the end. I just cant. I felt like my life is going to sink six feet underground. I'm gonna be left with nothing. I cried. I cried no rainbows or happiness. I cried with sadness. I was scared.

I wish we could all fix this situation that no one will leave. I wish that we all stay forever. No matter what, thunder, lightning, storm or disaster. I wish we all are together till the end. Even if we already finished college... secondary.. even if we went to the different parts of the Earth. I promise you all that I will NEVER forget you all. 

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