Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Pointless Blog.

Okay... I do not really know what I am doing right now but I just want to post something. Like to express something that is happening in my situation.

Apparently, I am obsessed with British boys right now. I don't know why but I am! Their accents are like, approaching me to heaven. Their smiles kills me. [Though they don't have the perfect teeth] . As if, they are just perf perf perfect!

Mainly, I have been crazy about Superman again. Actually, I started this blog in the name of "SuperBatman" with no apparent reason. I just "dedicate" it to him. Though he is kinda rude to me sometimes, I feel like it's a start of a new beginning. Like how it all started.

This book I love. Seriously love. "Fallen In Love by Lauren Kate" I only have this one. It really irritates me when I only have one book of a series and it's like the 3rd book and I don't know the start. But then, I read the plot online and know what is really happening. It's going to be a movie soon and I'm so excited.

Freddie Highmore. How can I describe his beauty? His perfect. Not like those young actors between 20-25 that looked old. He looks like he's still 17 even though he's already 21. I ship him with Emma Roberts. I don't like Sarah Bolge"? I don't know her surname and I don't have the mood to look for it. Whatever. So I feel like he's God. That he is a fallen angel came from the skies. Like that kind of person that will be honest and loyal. I heard he's gonna be engaged. I can't handle that. NOOOOO. He can't be married. He's too young! and I'm gonna wait for 4 years and I will pray for that chance to date him.. [screams] [laughs]

So yeah; that is what's been happening in my life so far and PSLE is just around the corner. Happy [sadly] Birthday for me in a few days.


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