Tuesday, 19 March 2013

1st Chapter

hey. My name is Cielo. Most of my friends name me "Cie". Im 14. I have 2 lives; A video game addict and a student. I really dont know how to put things straight to the point but this is my story on how my life became miserable.......

                                                           One by one..

I was 10 when I got my 1st laptop. I was so happy that I can play games without borrowing my mum's laptop. I know my friends Mika and Jan Jan. They're siblings. They play video games every single day without their parents worrying. Well, their grades are high compared to mine. I was once a very wise kid, I just make them wrong on purpose..... or not. 

Anyways, I searched on the internet any games that I can play (and safe). I saw the game BarbieGirls.com . I became so addicted to the game until my God-Mother paid for my membership during summer vacation. After 3 months.. My membership ended. I cant use my account anymore! I was so angry. I crossed many virtual games starting from BarbieGirls.com, AQWorlds, DizzyWorld, NeoPets, etc. and until I saw Pixiehollow. I was amazed. Its like "Love at 1st sight". I know Im gonna play this game forever. 

This is the start of a very mysterious adventure.....

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